This photo blog is the outworking of the collaborative efforts of six young photographers living in different parts of the United States. The plan is for each of us to create a single image each week which will be posted according to the following schedule…

The 2012/2013 Lineup:

Monday: Emily Brower
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Hello, friends! I’m Emily Elizabeth… I’m a 19 year old servant of Christ living on the east coast of Florida. I’m a daughter to two wonderful parents, and a sister to an awesome older brother. I’m also a homeschool graduate and I now stay at home with my parents. I learn something new everyday as I strive to become more Christlike… read more.

Tuesday: Josiah Einwechter
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Greetings, my name is Josiah Einwechter and I hail from the great state of Pennsylvania. Born and raised in PA, I am the sixth child of William and Linda Einwechter and am very grateful for my five great brothers, four truly beautiful sisters, the best brother-in-law and sister-in-law, and seven wonderful nieces and nephews. I am a 20 year old servant of Christ… read more.

Wednesday: Lauren Hope
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I suppose I could best be described as being a grateful sinner, saved by grace.  I am the daughter of two wonderful parents and sister to a valiant brother {who also happens to be my best friend}!  My prayer is that each photo I post would bring glory to my marvelous Savior, Jesus Christ, for I am nothing apart fromHim. The Atlantic shoreline… read more.

Thursday: Emily Rose Brookshire
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Emily Rose Brookshire resides in Indiana with her beloved family, finding true delight in her Savior. The rich beauty in God’s creation inspires her—even each tiny snowflake that praises its Creator. Her interest in photography started with a fascination of buttons from a young age and has only grown… read more.

Friday: Ben Berkompas
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Hi there, my name is Ben Berkompas and I’m so thrilled to be a part of this photographic journey with some of my friends! I’m here representing the beautiful Pacific Northwest – specifically Vancouver WA – where I live with my family of 13. God has been so good to place me in a strong Christian family, surrounded by an army of 8 brothers and 4 sisters who are endlessly energetic (well, some of them are) and fun to be around. Photography has been… read more.

Saturday: Jonathan Hedrick
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Hello, my name is Jonathan Hedrick. I am 21 years old and I live in the lush Blue Ridge Mountains in the beautiful state of Virginia with my family of 7. God has blessed me and allowed me to grow up in a Christian home with a strong father and mother and 4 siblings. My youngest sister and brother, God wonderfully brought to us… read more.



Previous Lineups:

Monday: Emily Rose Brookshire
Tuesday: Nawelle Noor/Jonathan Hedrick
Wednesday: Lauren Hope
Thursday: Ben Berkompas
Friday: Emily Case (Brower)
Saturday: Josiah Einwechter

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