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A World In My Rearview Mirror

Right now I have the blessing (although sometimes it doesn’t feel like it) of an hour-long commute every morning and evening, 37 miles of back roads and country highways between my home and where I work. There’s a number of gorgeous areas of farm country and forest on my route, and I get to see it in all seasons. With the coming fall and winter, the golden dawn hour is getting later and the sunset earlier, which means I’m spending more time driving at the prettiest times of day. Just a pity that my morning commute is westward, and the evening east–less glare, but it means I don’t get the full benefit of the best sunrises and sunsets!

One morning though, as I drove along one of my favorite roads, the view in the rear-view mirror caught my eye. The golden sunlight behind me lit up the world, and shone off the condensation still on my back window. As sometimes happens with mirrors, the reversed view looked unfamiliar, strange, and special–a view to a golden country in my mirror. I had to try three times to get a shot I liked as much as this one, that caught the rich golden light and the mist and glow. As usual, my iPhone 5 and Lightroom–I have some photos to post off my DSLR soon, but as I currently lack a SD card slot, I’ll have to track down the right USB cable to upload them!

From the rising of the sun to its setting,
the name of the Lord is to be praised!
— Psalm 113:3 (ESV)

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